WhatsApp Video Status on Betrayal

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Betrayal is a caustic force that leaves many remnants in its pathway. Disloyalty changes the whole thing. Relationships and all those emotions will never ever be the similar. The harm done can be beyond repair. Belief is vanished. Wounds run deep. Antagonism endures. Hearts are broken. Pain is long and lasting. And we keep wondering…. Can trust ever be restored with the person who betrayed you? Do wounds ever heal? Does the hurting ever go away?

Not only does betrayal change relations, it changes people. They might find it complicated to ever trust anyone again. They might be more cautious and defending of themselves for fear of being weak again. They might learn to be more perceptive and less immature. Their outlook of others may change. They may reflect on their own role and liability in the relationship and what went wrong. They might try to comprehend, sympathize, and forgive and forget. They may be encouraged to grow from the know-how and learn more about themselves and others.

The pain of betrayal cannot be forgotten, the feeling is very real and has a significant impact on the lives of all those who have experienced it. And it is time to change people’s hearts and lives forever with WhatsApp Video Status on Betrayal quotes.


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